The something
the magic
the light
in me

the something
the magic
the light
in you

It’s the last few weeks of yoga classes in Melbourne before we’re off, and I’ve been thinking about what yoga’s meant to me. As a student. As a teacher. I struggle to define it and don’t know that I’ll ever find the right words. How do you explain something that can only be felt?

Analysis destroys wholes.
Some things, magic things,
are meant to stay whole.
If you look at their pieces,
they go away.


The funny thing is: students haven’t been able to describe my classes, either. There’s just…something about them, they’ll say.

It’s the entire room breathing in unison. It’s sitting in silence and knowing that within this nothingness is also everythingness. It’s mothers + daughters, couples, siblings, friends practicing together. It’s that effortless smile playing across a student’s face in savasana. It’s the resonance of chanting om. Of watching these practices land in the hearts they’re meant to. ☾

Image by Raoul Gerard Photography for Radiant Sol

Hang tight…
Success! Welcome, love.

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