A metaphysical concept in the Spanish language that has no direct translation, querencia is derived from the verb ‘querer’ which means ‘to desire.’ It’s the place where one’s strength is drawn from. Where one feels at home.

Q U E R E N C I A is the place where you are your most authentic self.

For most of my life, “home” was both a physical place (Texas) and people (family, partner, friends). So what happens when you leave nearly all of that behind to move halfway around the world?

Your definition of home becomes fluid. You drop anchor within yourself, this epicenter of strength and comfort.

While this site will constantly evolve, its essence remains the same: to honor a sense of place. A tapestry of experiences on and off the mat, inner and outer landscapes, at home and around the world–through the lens of yoga, art + creativity, travel and food.

Created to explore nuances of home, this site is a curation of things to inspire, guide and empower you on the journey of a lifetime.


Welcome home. ☾

Hang tight…
Success! Welcome, love.

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